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VIA Aviation Services

Each business jet operator has different needs and preferences. VIA understands the importance of every detail and is always there to deliver tailor-made ground handling and logistic support services. VIA caters to a client's needs and ensures that expectations are met and exceeded.

VIA Aviation. Your Business Aviation Solution.

Aircraft handling
& Ground support

Our services range from handling coordination and handling supervision, to full aircraft ground support and handling services, depending on your chosen destination. Depending on the location, VIA provides or arranges for fueling, ground power supply, aircraft interior and exterior cleaning, oxygen, water and lavatory servicing. Hangarage is available at Kilimanjaro for aircraft as large as G650 and A319; aircraft movements are done by trained personnel with state of the art equipment.


VIA can obtain your over flight, landing and block permits, as well as diplomatic or special operations permits across Africa and the Middle East. VIA also works seamlessly with U.S.-based and Europe-based trip planning companies and coordinators to ensure that your clearances are coordinated internationally. Immigration and customs clearances for your aircraft and passengers are also addressed by our staff.


Whether you require extra security for your aircraft, or secure transfer for your crew members and passengers, VIA ensures that your security needs are met. VIA personnel will provide you with knowledgeable, on-the-ground expertise that answers your security questions within Tanzania, and across Africa and the Middle East. At our Kilimanjaro location, you also have the opportunity to park your aircraft in VIA’s secure hangar.


To enhance your experience in Africa, VIA offers a wide array of services going beyond your aviation needs. Should you require local ground or air charters, car hires, hotel reservations, catering arrangements or a visit to local attractions, we would be happy to take care of it.


With 80,000 square feet of hangar space and 70,000 square feet of private apron, VIA’s facilities at Kilimanjaro airport provide dedicated, safe and secure hangarage and parking space for your business jet in the region. All aircraft movements are done by a state of the art Lektro 8850 towbarless tractor.


VIA arranges for fuel services on credit at major airports and remote locations throughout Africa.

Tanzanite Jet Centre Ltd is now VIA Aviation Ltd

Your business aviation solutions in Africa !

We are proud to extend our handling services now across the African continent.